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A Breckland Village

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Papers for the 19 January 2016 meeting of Thompson Parish Council

Click on the Green underline links to access papers for meeting.

Item 4.2        Breckland Local Plan 

Click on either Breckland Local Plan Part 1 - Preferred Directions and/or Breckland Local Plan Part 2 - Emerging Site Options and then on the blue read document button use the side bar menu to fully access the documents.

Details of the current Thompson Setlement Boundary and Rural Land Representations can be found in the Breckland Local Plan Part 2 - Emerging Site Options doucument.  Simplly access the document and select item32 from the sidebar menu and scroll down.  You will first come to  a table detailing Rural Land Representations and by scrolling down further to 32.38 to a map of the existing settlement boundary for Thompson. 

Item 7.1 Accounts to date.

Item 7.3 Accounts due for payment since last meeting and paid.

 Item 8 Planning application 3PL/2015/1368/F Tuppence, Church Farm, Thompson, Erection of an extension:

Item 9 Precept for year ending 31 March 2017

Item 10 Acceptance of the sector-Led body Auditor

Item 11 Litter pick/grant application For details follow the links below.