thompson     Thompson Village sign

A Breckland Village


Thompson is a beautiful village at any time of the year and these photos prove this.  If you have an image of Thompson that you would like to share with others, please send it to us at:


Neil Storey Facepainting Silvian Family Hansel & Gretel
Neil Storey entertaining the village Bookworm Hunt 2010 Display winner Bookworm Hunt 2010 Another great display
Bookworm Hunt 2010
Sparrow Hawk
Sparrow Hawk by Lee Green
Thompson by water
Water illusion by Jimmy Johnson
Bluebells 2010
Bluebells again by Jimmy Johnson
baby moorhen
Baby moorhen by Jimmy Johnson
Thompson Water Geese Dec09    Sheep 
Down by Thompson Water January 2010  Taken by James Hadingham during our recent snowy weather
Kingfisher Kingfisher2 Old Thetford Road Peddars Way
Kingfisher October 2009 December 2009 - Wintery weather along Peddars Way
Woodpecker in Thompson Jul09 Greater spotted Woodpeckers in Thompson Heron on Thompson Water Swans on Thompson Water
Great Spotted Woodpeckers July 2009
Thompson is a great place for birdlife
Church flowers for recent wedding St Martins Church, Thompson St Martins Church March2009 Evening in Thompson
St Martins Church bedecked with flowers for a local wedding. St Martins Church on 20 March 2009.
Thanks to Julian Horn, Wayland News, who provided us with these photos.
Thanks to John Sharp for this September evening shot.

Sunset in Thompson Norfolk Deer in Thompson Mar09 Birds over Thompson March 2009 Dawn in Thompson
A recent sunset in Thompson - what great colour.  photo Mike Corrie A wonderful morning glimpse of roe deer on the fields.  Photo Jimmy Johnson. Birds over Thompson March 2009.  Photo Georgia Keen Some of our local birds. 
Easter Snow 2008 Dawn in Thompson Sunset in Thompson  Thompson Primary School 
 Easter 2008 - snow on Pockthorpe Lane.  Photo Mike Corrie Dawn in Thompson  Sunset in Thompson  Thompson Primary School 
Autumn on Pockthorpe Lane Our red phonebox Church Door A place to rest
Autumn hits Pockthorpe Lane Our red phonebox Thompson's Church Door A place to rest
Post box Out for a walk Snowdrops A Winter's morning
Our post box on the Stow Bedon road Out for a walk in Jan09 Snowdrops peeping through A winter's morning