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A new EVENTS button has been added to the website, please see the links at both the top and bottom of each page.  To find out what is happening in the village just go to the events page.  To include your event on the page in the first instance please contact the Parish Clerk. 



The "Better Broadband for Norfolk" campaign needs more support.  If you haven't already registered you can do so by following the following link.


Wispire have now commissioned and are offering a wireless broadband service to users in the village.  The service is much faster than the wired service offered by BT and others.  Information suggests that you can use the faster broadband vouchers to offset setup costs.  The service is not currently available in the whole village as boosters are needed to reach some areas, but the more people expressing an interest in joining the service the sooner boosters are likely to be available.  Either click the link below for contact information or contact the Parish Clerk who will pass your details on.

Click here for more information