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Local Planning Applications

All planning applications for the village are decided by Breckland Council and their website gives full details of how to apply.   It also has a search facility to check what planning applications have been submitted and what stage they are within the decision making process.     Residents who wish to comment on a submitted planning application can do so on Breckland's website.

Click here to go straight to Breckland Council's planning homepage.  This link will open in a new window.  

Thompson Parish Council are notified by Breckland Council of any applications within the parish that are submitted for consideration.   Although as a parish council we do not have any decision making powers in relation to planning,  our strength lies in our special knowledge of local matters and Breckland do value our contribution. 

We have a planning Sub-committee which will meet as required to discuss planning applications.   We do meet for any application which we consider may stimulate interest within the community.  These meetings are held in public at the Village Hall and will be advertised as soon as the meeting date is established.   There is a time limit on when the parish council's comment must be returned to Breckland, so these meetings will be typically short notice.     However, we do make every effort to notify  those residents living within immediate vicinity of the property or land to which the planning application refers.

If you wish to discuss any potential or submitted planning application you are very welcome to approach any one of your Parish Councillors.   We will listen to your concerns and make representation on your behalf.  However,  comments to applications must reflect planning legislation and policy,  otherwise they will be disregarded without consideration.