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Thompson 5K run - Saturday 23 July 2011

23 July 2011 was the first ever Thompson 5k run.  Following on from a very successful event that was held regularly in the village up to a few years ago, this run proved to be very popular with young and not quite so young from both Thompson and the surrounding villages.

Our warm and genuine thanks to Laurie Hull, Active Norfolk, Thompson WI, and everybody else who helped make this day so special. 

Paul Evans leading the warm up Neil Storey
Warming up with guidance from Olympic runner Paul Evans. 

Crowds at the sign up stand.  Over 50 people took part.
in the lead on final lap
Comfortably in the lead by the 3rd KM
Rounding the final corner
Rounding the final corner and back to the green and finish line.

Over the finish line
Already almost half of the runners are home - great speeds.

Laurie - the lead organiser

Paula - ticketmaster

Betty and the ladies of Thompson WI - cream teas

Geoff - BBQ Chef

And the Winner - 5k in 18 minutes

Well deserved R&R
The winners were......

Winning Male  - Przemyslaw Dolinski

Winning Female -  Ruth Manly

Winner U 15 male - Adam Herring

Winner U 15 female  - Madison Kelly

Winner Fun Male - Paul Blake

Winner Fun Female -  Lucy Cator

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