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A Breckland Village


Thanks to Lottery funding from the Millennium Commission and other local funders, we have a wonderful Green in the centre of our village.  Here you can walk through the wildlife path, sit and watch ducks dart about the pond or chase your children through the orchard.  

Celebration Avenue was planted Autumn 2010. 
The Orchard on the Green


Fundraising Activities

The Green is under the trusteeship of the Parish Council and a working committee work very hard raising money to maintain the Green for the pleasure of everybody in the village.  They organise a number of regular fundraising activities throughout the year, which have now become regular events on the village's social calendar.


The very popular Sunday Cream Teas run from May to end end of August every year.  These attract people from outside the village and provide a substantial income.   If you are interested in helping out on one or two Sundays, do contact us. Cream Teas 2008
Harry Hatcher Mole Catcher  September is the month for the annual
Thompson Bookworm Hunt 

Every year residents get competitive and build wonderfully creative displays in their gardens in order to hide the Bookworm and provide good fun for children of all ages.

Harry Hatcher, Mole Catcher is our 2009 display winner.  What an imaginative and colourful display.


Lottery - £1 could win you £30 - what great odds.  Each week somebody in the village wins £30.  But you've got to be in it to win it and there's a waiting list for this lottery.  It's that good!  The Green gets £19 every week, so everybody's a winner with this Lottery.