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Thompson Community Hall Project


Management Committee Meetings are usually held on a monthly basis, on the second Thursday of each month in Thompson Village Hall.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and it goes without saying that volunteers wanting to help with the project in any way are always welcome.  For more information please please follow the link to either contact a Committee Member or to e-mail us.

Dates of meetings for our current financial year along with a link to the minutes are set out below.

Annual General Meeting 13 June 2013                           Minutes

Meeting 13 June 2013                                                       Minutes

Meeting 11 July 2013                                                         Minutes

Meeting 08 August 2013                                                   Minutes

Meeting 12 September 2013                                            Minutes

Meeting 12 October 2013                                                 Minutes

Meeting 14 November 2013                                             Minutes

Meeting 05 December 2013                                            Cancelled

Meeting 09 January 2014                                                 Minutes

Meeting 13 February 2014                                               Minutes

Meeting 13 March 2014                                                    Minutes

Meeting 10 April 2014                                                       Minutes

Meeting 08 May 2014                                                        Minutes

Meetings 2014/2015

Annual General Meeting 12 June 2014


Minutes for earlier meetings                                            Minutes