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Papers for the 24 April 2018 meeting of Thompson Parish Council

3.    To discuss and adopt new Standing Orders compliant with recent changes in legislation:


4.    To discuss and adopt documents necessary to comply with General Data Protection regulations

 4.1     General Data Protection Regulation Policy Statement:

4.2       Information Protection Policy:

4.3        Information security incident policy:

4.4        Removable media policy:

4.5        Computer and telephone misuse policy:

4.6        Retention of documents:

4.7        GDPR risk assessment:

4.8        GDPR amend, remove, correct request form:

4.9            GDPR data breach record:

4.10        Contact privacy statement:

4.11        Employee privacy statement:

4.12         Job application privacy statement:

4.13        New councillor privacy statement:

4.14        Privacy notice adoption confirmation:

4.15        Contact consent form – Employee:

4.16        Contact consent form – General:

4.17        E-mail consent log:

4.18        General contact information: